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CHI Global Virtual Event

Using our virtual platform (VEP ™) we organized the first global event of the CHI Lonza spa company.
The four-day event required a three-month work period during which all the communication support materials, the recordings, the creation of unpublished videos, the trainings, the rehearsals, the entire organization of the agenda of the event and coordination of participants from all over the world.

CHI Global Virtual Event
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communication prior the event
video production
event website

We have divided the global audience into three geographical areas: APAC – EMEA – AMER to make it possible to participate in the event at comfortable times.

daily scheduling

Four hours of events were presented each day for each geographic area. The event direction and assistance team worked 16 hours a day for the success of the event. The event was also being broadcast live on Vimeo.

All participants connected to the platform without problems and actively participated in training, polling, Q&A sessions.


The success of the event was certified by the anonymous survey completed by the participants at the end of the event.

anonymous survey results