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Thomas Berloffa Personal Art Exhibition

Thomas Berloffa has an artistic career in parallel with his work as a designer. Thomas exhibits works of art since the time of his university studies in the city of Turin. In fact, in Turin, he exhibited countless times, arriving to be selected at the Biennale of young Mediterranean artists in 1997 and exhibiting in city spaces on commission from the GAM Museum in Turin.
In 2012 Thomas embarked on a new artistic adventure that led him to the realization of the most important solo exhibition of his career in 2018.

The CityLife company, owner of the futuristic district of the same name in Milan, sponsored and promoted the exhibition by offering the splendid location. This is the penthouse designed by the archistar Daniel Libeskind. The exhibition was curated by the talented curator Ada Masoero (historical signature for Sole24Ore and Giornale dell’Arte).
The reference gallery was Ncontemporary in Milan.

In the exhibition 35 collages made by Thomas Berloffa from 2013 to 2018 were presented. Works born from the initial collaboration with singer Antony Hegarty at Marina Abramovic’s home in NY.
Two works in particular were created as preparatory studies for graphics made for the singer Manuel Agnelli.

Thomas Berloffa con la gallerista Antonia Jannone.

The collages of the American LIFE magazines of the 50s / 70s represent scenes of family life in which the exultation of pop culture inevitably collides with the social tensions of that era. The works rework these emotions transforming them into universal and contemporary language.